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We have dedicated this book for you who are visiting Serbia for the first time, to help you unearth what you need to taste so as to become acquainted with Serbian food and the Serbian diet. Then, when you return home, you can prepare your favorite dish from Serbia.


    One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well – a quote religiously followed in Serbia. Serbia is a country where a good morsel of food is highly appreciated. This is precisely one of the reasons why foreigners have their socks knocked off when they come to Serbia. The Serbs have indeed heard of cholesterol and know of the existence of both types, good and bad, but hardly anyone in this country cares about it. Many make jokes about it and there is even a restaurant named “Cholesterol”, located in the Dorćol neighborhood of Belgrade. There you will find dishes named “Dragon Sausage” or “Cholesburger”. So, if you have come to Serbia to go on a diet, you can turn right back because you have chosen the wrong place - that is practically impossible here. On the other hand though, visiting Serbia and not trying the food is the same as if you had not stepped on Serbian soil at all. Modern Serbian cuisine represents a reflection and merging of the traditional diet influenced by other cultures transiting on this territory, primarily Turkish and Austro - Hungarian forces, and the modern lifestyle, mainly under the influence of the internet, so here, in Serbia, you can also come across Chinese, Indian, Spanish and other cuisines. “Fancy food”, as we call it, such as any kind of carpaccio, foie gras of any sort, or even raspberry sorbet are also dishes served in Serbian restaurants, but they are not the focus of this book. The idea is to bring you closer and introduce you to the generally accepted dishes, which even in this day and age can be found at any Serbian dining table. We will show you what you need to pay attention to and what you should definitely try during your stay in Serbia, unless you have already tried it. So, put your mind at ease about cholesterol and
join us on a journey through a multitude of amazing flavors and scents.

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