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Bean Casserole


    One of the all-time favorite Serbian dishes is “Prebranac” (bean casserole), also known as “Gravče na tavče” (panned beans). The second name comes from Macedonia, where it represents an indispensable dish made of a type of beans called “Tetovec”, named after the city of Tetovo in Macedonia. It is a very simple and richly flavored dish, which is always served during celebrations of patron saints (slava) and during fasts. Its taste differs much from bean casseroles prepared in western European countries, and combined with a good sausage it is a top-notch specialty. You can find it in almost every restaurant in Serbia.

Leek and bacon


    This is a more advanced and much tastier variety of bean casserole than those served in restaurants. You will need about 2 hours, but you will definitely not be sorry.

Ingredients (4 servings):

■ 600 g beans ■ 3 bundles of leek

■ 400 g smoked bacon strips

■ 1 tbs ground paprika

■ 100 g cajna sausage strips

■ 2 garlic cloves ■ 3 carrots

■ 2 tbs red wine vinegar ■ oil ■ salt

■ ground black pepper

Soak the beans in water the night before, and leave them overnight...

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