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    The Serbs did not invent the wheel, or the cauldron for that matter. But it’s a fact that there are dishes whose quality can never be reached if you live in an apartment. A house will do, but only if you have a fireplace. The best “Chorba” (type of stew), goulash, paprikash and many other dishes, like bean stew or "Svadbarski kupus" (wedding cabbage), or "Mućkalica" (pork and pepper stew), are real Serbian delicacies, especially if made in a "Kotlić" (cauldron). It’s still used to the present day in some restaurants in Serbia. “Kotlić” is a distinctive metal pot, nowadays made of stainless steel, with the exterior mainly made of copper, and the interior of pewter, as they have been designed for cooking food over an open fire. It usually hangs from an arc-shaped hanger, attached to a chain, further attached to a tripod, which regulates the distance from the open fire, since the contents in the cauldron aren’t only the ingredients

you put in the meal. There are also cauldrons placed on static stands, but either way, it’s a real skill to know your way around an open fire. Cauldrons are mandatory tools brought on picnics and gatherings in nature. In Serbia, there are numerous…

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