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Cheese and wine

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Every country and every region has its own cheeses, and Serbia is no exception. The ones you certainly need to taste among the variety of white brined cheeses are from the regions: Homolje, Zlatar or Sjenica, and widely known among the yellow cheeses is the "Pirot" cheese made only of sheep or cow milk or a combination of both. It is distinctive (both in aroma and taste) due to the fact that the grazing takes place in a nature reserve on the Stara Planina Mountain, at high altitude, which is near to the town of Pirot. This cheese has been produced for centuries in the same way, and has an exceptional flavor and consistency. In Serbia you will also find smoked cheeses, produced in dairy industries, but by far the best ones are homemade cheeses, which are essentially cold-smoked in attics above fireplaces. So if you go to the Zemun market for ironed kulen, you will also discover homemade smoked cheese there,
which is simply fantastic. The most expensive cheese in the world is produced
in Serbia, and it is made of donkey milk in the "Zasavica" nature reserve, near the town of Sremska Mitrovica. It costs 1,000 euros per kg but you can’t buy it because...

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