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Fish "Chorba"

    Well, this is not easy to describe! From a gourmet’s point of view, it’s nothing much, but in Serbia it would be a great insult to the person whomade it if you told them that. Fish "Chorba" is a matter of prestige inSerbia, and it’s something people are proud of, brag about, and even compete as to whose is the best. It would be a terrible shame, an insult, to hear anyone’s remarks about its quality. The preparation of fish "Chorba" in Serbia is a cult that should not be passed by. You must simply try it because it’s miles apart from any other similar soups, mostly in regards to the spices used. What spices to use, how and why, well, that’s another story, a personal secret of anyone who makes "Chorba", and since everyone in Serbia has to be a great master of fish "Chorba" preparation, revealing the secret to anyone else would mean they are no longer on the throne. :-)

Fisherman's Fish "Chorba"

    The "Chorba" you will try in Serbian restaurants is either made in a pot on a stove or in a cauldron over an open fire. Therefore, we suggest that you make it when you return home, in a way similar to how Danube fishermen do it. You will need about 2 hours, and if you are not a fish soup fan, you will undoubtedly become one. :-)

Ingredients (8 servings):

■ about 2 kg freshwater fish ■ 4 onions

■ 4 carrots ■ 2 parsnips

■ 1 green pepper ■ 1 hot pepper

■ 1 tbs cayenne paprika

■ ½ l tomato juice ■ 1 fresh tomato

■ 6 l water ■ parsley ■ celery ■ garlic

■ 3-4 bay leaves of thyme

■ a dozen peppercorns ■ anise

■ 2 tbs dry spice mix ■ 1.5 dl olive oil

■ 1.5 dl sunflower oil

■ ground pepper ■ salt

In Serbia, fish "Chorba" is usually made from several types of freshwater fish, like…

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