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Homemade bread

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    There is great difference in bread quality in Serbia. There is the so-called “manufactured bread”, made by the large bakeries for mass consumption, and this bread is sold in supermarkets, as it is far different in taste than bread typically made in wood-fired ovens and sold in smaller bakeries. Lately restaurants have cropped up that make their own so-called “homemade bread” and pay great attention to it. So don’t be surprised if you are brought 3-4 types of “homemade bread” along with the meal you ordered. It can be made of wheat, rye or buckwheat flour, complemented with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, olives and what not. Serbs like to say: “There’s nothing better than warm bread”. In order for you to take home the full experience from the Balkans and Serbia, we will give you…

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