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Ironed sausage

    Ironed sausage is one of the specialties of the city of Pirot in Serbia, and nowhere else in the world is it produced. It is made of three types of meat: baby beef, lamb and goat meat. The meat is separated from all veins and fat. It is then grounded, spices are added afterwards, and the mixture is stuffed into beef casings. The favorable winds over the Stara Planina Mountain enable high-quality drying of this sausage from the period of December to March. What makes this sausage distinctive is its daily ironing with a bottle for 60 days. The purpose of such ironing is to expell the air, but it must be carefully done so as not to break the sausage casing. It must be stated that ironed sausage is quite pricey, and costs 25-30 euros per kg, which is understandable given that from 1 kg of prepared contents, only 300 gr of sausage remain after its drying. It is
thinly sliced so that the cut-off piece is nearly transparent, and you cannot eat much of it because it has an extremely high calorie content. The noteworthy thing about this sausage is that...

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