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    Whenever you mention Serbia, the first thing that pops into the minds of gourmets in the region is:


    A dilemma hovers above all regarding
the origin of kaymak. Some say it’s from Turkey, while others state Mongolia as the place of origin. Kaymak is actually not a meal, but a food product that has existed even before 3000 BC. It is made of milk, with creamy consistency and
a unique smell and taste. In Serbia, kaymak is produced from the milk of cows, sheep or a mixture, and it is neither cheese nor butter, but something in between. It is made by
boiling milk for 15 minutes while constantly stirring, then letting it cool down for about 2 hours, and finally pouring it into a wide oven pan. 12 hours later, when it has fully chilled, the layer of milk’s fat and protein is skimmed, as it is called “young kaymak”.
The ripening process takes place in ventilated and temperature-controlled rooms, where it is stored for 15-20 days, thus forming the “old kaymak”. Serbian kaymak is renowned in the region and it is consumed in various ways, ...

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