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Kebabs (Ćevapi)

    Ćevapi or "Ćevapčići", as they are affectionately called, is the most widespread Serbian grilled meat dish. The most famous in the region are Sarajevo and Banja Luka kebaps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Prizren kebaps in Kosovo. The most famous in Serbia are Novi Pazar "Ćevapi". There are as many recipes for ćevapi as there are "Ćevabdžinice" or small restaurants where they are made. You can find them at every corner. The original "Ćevapi" are made of beef, but they can also be made of chicken or lamb. There are many different varieties, like "Ćevapi" rolled in bacon or stuffed "Ćevapi". They are eaten with onions in a special type of bread called “Somun”, and with a glass of fine beer they become a

beloved food of anyone who has tried them from the very first moment. "Ćevapi" with…

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