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Leskovac grill

(Leskovačka skara)

    "Leskovačka skara" is not a name of a separate dish. It’s actually a term used for a group of grilled dishes from the city of Leskovac, and “Skara” is a Macedonian term for grilled meat. What makes this grilled meat distinctive is the pepper, which is added to the ground meat. It’s nothing much, but it enhances the flavor. As for the type and quantity of pepper, no one will tell you that because it’s a closely guarded secret of every grill operator. The city of Leskovac has its own festival dedicated to grilled meat, which takes place in late August and is attended by an increasing number of tourists. In addition to the famed “Leskovačka pljeskavica” (Leskovac burger), this city has yet another dish widely spread not only in Serbia, but in the whole region as well: "Leskovačka mućkalica"…

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