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    Meze is a word that comes from the Turkish language, and in many countries it refers to the same thing: an assortment of small dishes served before the main course. Meze in Serbian restaurants is not like the meze in Cyprus, for example, where they load the table with various appetizers in small plates. Apart from various cooked appetizers, breaded treats, charcuterie, different types of cheese, salads… And just when you think that this is it, this is the real deal, it’s good, it’s great, you see the waiters return yet again with two food trolleys. They remove everything from the table and load it once again with small plates, only this time with the main dishes. Well, unlike Cyprus, meze is  considered an appetizer in Serbia and it is not plentiful. It is served on one plate, usually an oval one, and the contents may vary. Zlatibor prosciutto and Zlatibor smoked beef tenderloin (Zlatibor is a mountainous region in the western part of Serbia) are almost always included and should definitely be...

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