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    The Serbs are not enthusiasts of cold appetizers, but this doesn’t hold true when it comes to “Pihtije”. It is an aspic-like dish made during the winter days, in the pig-slaughtering period, from low-cost pork cuts, such as parts of the head, shanks, tails, tendons… Believe it or not, the Turks brought pihtije to Serbia. Only, of course, they didn’t bring pork, as pihtije is also made from beef or mutton, fish or even vegetables. The word itself originates from the Persian language – ‘puhti’ or ‘puhte’, which means ‘cooked’. Serbs have another expression for this dish, and that is "Pača". "Pihtije” or “Pača" goes back far in the past in Serbian cuisine, being served mainly as
an appetizer and it really is an unusual dish worth trying. Pihtije is also a regional dish, made in all the surrounding countries. There are other varieties that include smoked meat, boiled eggs, pickled
cucumbers, etc., but the basic idea behind this meal is to make something tasty from scratch. If you have the opportunity to try it, combine it with...

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