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Polenta (Kačamak)

    It is an ancient dish of the Serbian people, but also a traditional dish in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Turkey. Even in Italy is this dish called “Polenta”. There are several varieties of this dish: with wheat or corn flour, with the addition of cheese, potatoes, bacon, or pork cracklings… No matter if served as a warm appetizer or a main dish, it is now an essential part of business lunches and even romantic dinners. Any restaurant with "Kačamak" in its menu is considered a national restaurant.

Polenta with

sausage sauce

    Many people at first mistakenly think that it’s impossible to combine these two. Until they have tasted them together. :-) To prepare this dish you will need about 2 hours.

Ingredients (4 servings):

■ 250 g corn flour

■ 300 g thin smoked sausages

■ 200 g beans ■ 1 onion

■ 200 ml tomato sauce

■ 100 ml red wine ■ oil ■ salt

■ ground black pepper

Finely chop…

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