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Pork and pepper stew

(Leskovačka mućkalica)

    This concoction of meat and vegetables is made in various ways, but only one way is the original: firstly, the meat has to be grilled, and then cooked in a stew pan, or even better, in a clay or earthenware

pot. "Leskovačka mućkalica" is served warm, with thin "Pogača" (type of round bread), cheese and "Šopska" salad. Some transfer it into a clay pot just before it is cooked, and bake it for a short time in an oven. You don’t have to do this though. It is eaten with a fork, but many like to scoop it using bread crust.

We give you the extended version of this specialty, just like it is cooked in Macedonia. To make this meal, you will need about 50 minutes.


Ingredients (6 servings):

■ 600 g pork tenderloin ■ 2 onions

■ 2 fresh green peppers ■ 2 tomatoes

■ 2 hot green peppers

■ 200 ml white wine

■ 1 tbs mustard ■ parsley

■ 100 g smoked bacon strips

■ 150 g fresh champignons

■ 100 g cheese ■ oil

■ ground black pepper ■ salt

Heat oil…

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