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    There are 20,000 restaurants and bars in Serbia. Most of them are unsurprisingly located in Belgrade, followed by Novi Sad, Niš, etc. There are restaurants specialized for only one type of food, restaurants that in addition to the regular also have a daily menu, ethno restaurants, restaurants specialized for weddings and celebrations, as well as restaurants that only serve dishes from international cuisines. In this context, we must mention "Salaš". They are located all over Vojvodina, in the countryside, and are in fact field estates comprising a building and outbuildings, such as a stable, barn and belvedere, which have been turned into restaurants. There are numerous restaurants in Serbia and it wouldn’t be fair to favor any of them. Each has its own distinctive quality and they all go the distance to please you. This book contains most of the dishes you can find in typical restaurants. The most expensive restaurants are not

necessarily the best. If you’ve already purchased this book and you’re reading it, and you want to try something that you liked, feel free to…

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