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    Not to try roast meat in Serbia is like not having been there at all. Serbs are proud of their lamb and pig roasts, and there are restaurants serving nothing but roast meat on their menu. The only things they serve with the roast are salads, beverages, and of course bread. The widespread habit of roast-eating in Serbia can be best illustrated by the fact that the DAILY consumption in some restaurants goes up to 40-50 lambs, and there isn’t an empty seat in the house. In Serbia, it’s hard to imagine a business meeting that doesn’t end with a good

roast. Any kind of home celebration, except during fasts, is simply unthinkable without a pig roast. In the inner part of Serbia, in particular, there are small shops of only a few square meters called "pečenjare", which sell lamb and pig roasts. However, a distinction should be made between spit-roasted and ovenroasted meat because the taste is not the same. The best “roast shops” are those that make spit-roasted lamb, pig and, much rarely, kid goat meat. Some restaurants have their own slaughterhouses because in addition to how and where lambs or pigs were fed, the most important thing for a good spit-roast is not to cook meat that has previously been frozen…

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