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     Pay attention to this because it is imperative and you need to distinguish whether or not the food you consume in
Serbia is made underneath a “Sač”. “Sač” or “Vršnik” is a spherical metal, ceramic or earthen lid used for baking: bread, bun breads, pies, meat, etc. Everything cooked under a sač tastes exceptionally delicious,
and this type of preparation of food is widespread in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia as well. Start a fire in the centre of an open fire bed and
place the container with the food you wish to cook on top of it. Cover the container with a sač and a hoop to keep the ember burning longer. Then cover everything with ember and leave it to bake for a while. There are cases, like when baking
“pogača” (a type of bread), that no containers are used under the sač. The dough is placed directly on the ground and is covered with the sač. In Serbia, especially in Belgrade, there are specialized...

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