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Serbian grill

    One of the all-time favorite “sports” in Serbia is definitely grilling. It is something that unites all the gourmets in the world, synonymous with delicious summer fun, and considered by some people to be an art rather than a craft. Grilled meat takes up a special place in the Serbian cuisine, and can be found at every turn. There are specialized small grill shops, and almost every restaurant has it in its menu. In Serbia, when you mention “grilled food”, you actually refer to "Ćevapi" (kebabs), "Pljeskavice" (burgers), "Vešalice" (grilled pork loin), sausages, bacon, chicken wings, skewers, drumsticks, etc. There is a big difference between Serbian and American BBQ, but the one thing they have in common is the superb taste. In Serbia, they don’t combine different flavors on a BBQ and rarely use marinated meat, rather

pure meat that is cooked and smoked on a glowing grill. Keep in mind that here…

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