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Shish kebab

    “Šiš ćevap” (shish kebab) is very popular in Belgrade. No one knows exactly where the word “kebab” comes from. According to some, its origin is from Lebanon, while others think it derives from Iran. What is certain is that the Turks were the first to bring “kebab” to Serbia around the year 1500. It’s made of minced beef or veal, the same meat as in ćevapi, but only the shape is different. The preparation of the meat is the secret of every chef, and they won’t disclose their secret even if their lives depended on it. Basically, when they grill the meat, they put it in “Lepinja” (small flatbread), and it’s up to you to choose the additions. We recommend that you try it with “Urnebes salad”, which is made of cheese called “Urda” or “Sitni sir” (similar to cottage cheese), hot dried ground pepper, a bit of oil and salt (the original and more expensive version also includes kaymak, garlic and ground walnuts), and pick whatever you like as an addition. Onions are…

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