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What is "Slava"?

    During your stay in Serbia you will undoubtedly come across the word "Slava". Slava or "Krsno ime"/"Krsna slava" is a family celebration. That day of the year is always associated with a particular Christian saint. It is passed on from one generation to another so as to transfer the cultural heritage to the following generations and to preserve the awareness about their origin. This celebration is never held in a restaurant, but only at one’s home, where guests and relatives come to visit. There is one rule: the apartment or house door should never be locked on that specific day, and the hosts are obliged to extend their hospitality to anyone who shows up at their door, even by accident. There are 78 different slavas in Serbia, and the most common are those on the day of Saint Nicholas (December 19), the day of Archangel Michael (November 21), the day of Saint George (May 6), the day of Saint John the Baptist (January 20), the day of Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki (November 8), and the day of Saint Sava (January 27). An abundance of food is prepared for slava, and the hostesses...

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