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"Šljivovica" and "Travarica"

   “Šljivovica” (plum brandy) is a colorless or yellowish strong alcoholic drink. It’s a type of fruit brandy which has been declared a Serbian national beverage. Around 150,000 hectares have been planted in Serbia with approximately 42 million plum trees, yielding about 450,000 tons, of which almost 70% is used for the production of šljivovica. Šljivovica is brandy produced by distilling fermented
pomace, with at least 25% ABV. Single distillation produces raw, soft rakija, while double distilled šljivovica containing 40-45% ABV, known as “prepečenica”, is sold on the market. People in Serbia cry, laugh, rejoice, grieve, eat and often start their day with it. It is an inevitable guest in every Serbian celebration. Made in pot stills from master craftsmen, šljivovica is a brandy that people in Serbia toast with. It’s a strong spirit with distinct flavor and
aroma served in distinctive small glasses – “čokanjčići”, and you must not leave the country that is famous for production of the best plum brandy without tasting...

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