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"Tobacco" cracklings

    Pork cracklings are a vital part of Serbian cuisine. As they are made in almost all of Europe, especially in Central Europe, they differ only in the production process and thickness. However, in Serbia, apart from the traditional ones, there can also be found “Duvan čvarci”, characteristic for the town of Valjevo. “Duvan čvarci” are made in a castiron pot, where in addition to slices of bacon and fat, what is thrown in are pieces of pork shoulder and pork butt, and of course water. The meat to water ratio is 70 : 30. The meat
is firstly slow-cooked, then baked, as the whole process takes about 6 hours. While they are cooked, the fat melts and drains out, and the small pieces of meat and fat are fried, and then left to be dried in a cloth, which is pressed so hard as to allow the whole fat to drain out. Duvan čvarci are not greasy, since they have been dried, and they can be served on their own, as an appetizer, or...

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