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White pork loin

(Bela vešalica)

    One of the most exploited, but also simplest dishes in Serbia is definitely "Bela vešalica". Literally every single restaurant serves it.

You need:

Pork loin joint

(bone in) – 1 kg; salt

    Before you toss the "Vešalica" onto the grill, you first need to buy a pork loin joint, at least half a meter long, cut from the lower part where there is a bone nestled between the loin and the tenderloin. When this piece of meat is cut crosswise, you get “Vešalica”, the favorite local steak. So, the meat should first be separated from the bones, then the boneless loin should be cut lengthwise into 1 cm-thick strips of the same length and width, and that’s how you get “Vešalica”. When put on the grill,…

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